Blueberry Insect Monitoring Report, 28 April 2017

— Written By Grant Palmer

As we continue our weekly blueberry insect monitoring, the cherry fruitworm moth flight appears to be over as we saw no cherry fruitworm moths in the traps. We are, however, observing the early stages of cherry fruitworm damage in some locations.

Cherry fruitworm larvae damage 1-2 fruit per cluster. They tunnel into one berry upon hatching and then, when they grow larger, they move to an adjacent fruit. The first damaged fruit will often ripen prematurely, and the two berries will be stuck together by the tunnel. When cherry fruitworm damage manifests early in the growing season, damaged fruit often fall off the bush before harvest. Cherry fruitworm is a more significant concern when late populations attack fruit, resulting in larvae present at harvest.

Cherry Fruitworm damaged berry

Cherry fruitworm damaged berry. Note the hole in a single fruit. Photo: Grant Palmer.

While the cherry fruitworm flight looks to be over, the cranberry fruitworm flight is still under way. We captured a total of 5 cranberry fruitworm moths at one of our monitoring sites, but we have yet to see any cranberry fruitworm feeding in fruit.

Six total blueberry fields are being monitored with five trapping stations at each field site and each station consisting of one spotted wing drosophila (SWD) trap baited with a yeast sugar-water mixture, one white “wing” sticky trap baited with a pheromone lure attractive to male cranberry fruitworm moths, one white “wing” trap baited with a pheromone lure attractive to male cherry fruitworm moths, and one yellow sticky trap baited with ammonium bicarbonate to attract blueberry maggot flies.

The average number of the total pests captured per site per day are presented in the figures below. YSW refers to traps baited with “yeast/sugar water.” SWD refers to “spotted wing drosophila.”

During this trapping period, 1 SWD was captured at New Hanover 1, 2 SWD were captured at Pender 1, 0 SWD were captured at Bladen 3, 3 SWD were captured at Bladen 1, 4 SWD were captured at Bladen 4, and 4 SWD were captured at Sampson 1.

Spotted Wing Drosophila trap data 4/28/17

During this trapping period, 5 cranberry fruitworm moths were captured at Bladen 3.

Cranberry Fruitworm trap data 4/28/17

No cherry fruitworm moths were captured during this trapping period.

Cherry Fruitworm trap data 4/28/17

No blueberry maggot flies were captured during this trapping period.Blueberry Maggot trap data 4/28/17

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