Blueberry Insect Monitoring Report, 23 June 2017

— Written By Grant Palmer

With a larger percentage of the fields being hedged each week we are seeing the spikes in SWD numbers that were predicted earlier on in the season. It stands to reason that we will continue to see increases in trap captures up until the fields have been completely hedged. We are removing traps from sites once plants are hedged and expect that next week will be our last trapping date.

All moth traps were removed from all sites on June 6th because the activity period for these insects has concluded. We will continue trapping for spotted wing drosophila and blueberry maggot fly until the end of harvest.

Live wasp on a person’s gloved hand

Occasionally non-target insects such as wasps are found alive on the sticky cards. Photo: Grant Palmer

So far no blueberry maggot flies have been found at any of our trapping locations.

Six total blueberry fields are being monitored with five trapping stations at each field site and each station consisting of one spotted wing drosophila (SWD) trap baited with a yeast sugar-water mixture, one white “wing” sticky trap baited with a pheromone lure attractive to male cranberry fruitworm moths, one white “wing” trap baited with a pheromone lure attractive to male cherry fruitworm moths, and one yellow sticky trap baited with ammonium bicarbonate to attract blueberry maggot flies.

The average number of the total pests captured per site per day are presented in the figures below. YSW refers to traps baited with “yeast/sugar water.” SWD refers to “spotted wing drosophila.”

During this trapping period, 59 SWD were captured at New Hanover 1, 139 SWD were captured at Bladen 3, 70 SWD were captured at Bladen 1, 31 SWD were captured at Bladen 4, and 9 SWD were captured at Sampson 1.

SWD trap data graph 2017

No cranberry fruitworm moths were captured during this trapping period

2017 Cranberry fruitworm data graph

No cherry fruitworm moths were captured during this trapping period.

Cherry Fruitworm data graph 2017

No blueberry maggot flies were captured during this trapping period.Blueberry maggot trap data 2017

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