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Blueberries Publications and Factsheets

Packaging Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables09/01/1996
2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual MAIN DOCUMENT2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
Leaf Diseases of Blueberry01/03/2014
14. Small FruitsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/14/2018
Growing Blueberries in the Home Garden11/30/2002
Chemical Weed Control2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
Stem Blight of Blueberry12/17/2013
Proper Postharvest Cooling and Handling Methods12/01/1989
Blueberry Freeze Damage and Protection Measures11/30/1998
Photosystem I, Bipyridillium Herbicides09/10/2015
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Blueberries08/01/1993
Insect and Disease Control of Fruits2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
Principles of Pruning the Highbush Blueberry11/30/1998
Synthetic Auxins07/13/2015
Twig Blight of Blueberry01/02/2014
How to Create a Container Garden for Edibles in the North Carolina Piedmont04/04/2019
Container Garden Planting Calendar for Edibles in the Piedmont01/01/2011
Fertilizer Use2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
Suggestions For Establishing a Blueberry Planting in Western North Carolina11/30/1998
Carotenoid Pigments09/10/2015
Getting Data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Using R05/27/2021
Guide to Deciding When to Start and Stop Irrigation for Frost Protection of Fruit Crops02/28/1998
Blueberry Production for Local Sales and Small Pick-Your-Own Operators11/30/2002
Natural Oils and Acids09/10/2015
Grapes and Berries for the Garden02/01/2004
Cool and Ship: A Low-Cost, Portable Forced-Air Cooling Unit06/01/1995
Interpreting Freeze / Frost Probabilities from the National Centers for Environmental Information02/28/2020

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